No More Homework in (part of) Quebec


Kids, have you heard the news? No more homework in the Saguenay, a (very) French speaking region of Quebec. As a parent, this seems odd but after reading the article, I see they mean to ban homework after 5 PM since the kids are in school and daycare from 7 AM to 5 PM. I guess if they do their work during and after school, the rest of the evening should be rest and playtime with their parents and friends.

Growing up, we would play sports (outside!) and/or watch TV until 5 PM or so, then get ready for dinner and homework. Some homework was done after dinner, then more TV. (Did we watch more TV as kids than now? (Maybe)


I would agree to the no homework if the kids were learning OK and could keep up at school, but sometimes (and some kids) are going to need to put in the extra hours of homework. Still, I’m interested to see how it works out (research!) and I look forward to the results of this experiment.

As they say in Quebec, “plus ca change…”.