Ease on into 2015


So today was a lazy Sunday kinda day (even though it’s Thursday) as we got up and played some games, ate some food and watched the snow fall. We still see some grass but hopefully by tonight we will have our winter wonderland back.

Our cats are fighting but it is really the kitten who is the instigator-we spend a fair amount of time separating the two but they are cute and good cats overall.

So far so good with my new eating habits-no chips or cheese eaten even though our fridge and cupboards are full of them from my wife’s birthday party. Some of it may go to waste, but not all of it will go to my waist.

I forgot to add one more resolution to my list-no more reading inane lists this year! If I see any type of list “9 best things to eat” etc, I will ignore/delete and not read. No more Buzzfeed or any type of similar click bait time wasting activities this year. I hope to read more long form type articles that are of interest and possibly useful to my life. More time spent on Brainpickings.com and similar sites.

Or just turn off the Internets more often and soak up the real world.