Everything Old is New Again


Happy New Year and welcome 2015!

It’s resolution time! This year I will try and “keep it real” by not going crazy with impossible resolutions.

1. Write more, even if I have nothing to say. I will keep track of my chain, but no promises about not breaking the chain.

2. Eat less, exercise more. This will be super basic, no gym memberships, fancy diets or special fitness apps or gear. Slightly smaller portions, leave the last bite so that it goes to waste and not my waist. Also, no snacking or eating after 7 PM. Exercise will be more walking and occasional sit-ups and push-ups.

3. Listen more, speak less. Accept things as they are without reacting too much one way or the other. Learn from mistakes and accept constructive criticism better than I have in the past.

That’s it for my resolutions! (Let’s see how long these last…)

Good luck everyone with your resolutions and here’s to new hope and a new year!