The People on the Hill Go Shush, Shush, Shush


The first day of the ski season is in the books! We shushed down a small local hill and our little girl can ski all by herself! She skis with control and can maneuver her way down the green circle slopes with ease. (She must have a very good teacher 😃)

I'm glad we had a ticket

I’m glad we had a ticket…

It was a little cold and we will bundle up more next time but today was a very successful outing with friends and we got some exercise. Yay!

Someday I may upgrade my circa 1985 equipment but it still works and I am comfortable skiing on the old skis. This year will probably be an upgrade year for Megan as she needs all new (or used) equipment.

The best part about our local hill is the “pay by the hour” option which is great for those of us with little ones who can only take the cold for a short time.

It went so well we may even go next week too!

Note to self-bring a camera so we can capture the memories!)