D&D Adventurers League in Montreal


I played a game of D&D today and as always it was a lot of fun. I am new (again) to the hobby after taking a brief hiatus of roughly 30 years and the new edition released last year has a familiar “old school” feel.

Finding a group of people to play with regularly can be a challenge with conflicting schedules and player/DM availability, but I have been using the local Montreal D&D adventurers league to find a weekly game to DM and the occasional Expedition to play.

I have met a great group of people and friends and there is usually enough players and DMs to go around at the events. The games are casual drop in affairs with flexible rules so new players are welcome and encouraged.

If you ever feel the need or are curious about D&D, check out your local gaming stores to see if they are running the adventurers league. Show up at a game and the other players will help you out. Give it a try and live your own “Hobbit” style adventure with dice, paper and good people.