There’s Cold and then There’s Stupid Cold


Today was cold, as in stupid Siberia cold, but in Canada. Yes, even in freezing cold winter climates there is a pecking order and somewhere where it must be colder.

It wasn’t Saskatchewan cold today but it was approaching Portage and Main cold. Cold right to the bones, and a day after freezing rain, falling branches and power outages. Why does anybody live in Canada again? I mean besides the free health care, nice people, high quality of life, almost endless supply of fresh water, maple syrup and hockey?

Yesterday was reminiscent of the ice storm of 98, but thankfully not as severe. We did have a really large branch fall on our front lawn at it will stay as a deathly reminder to the other trees until Spring as it is frozen in place. We have shattered ice that looks like glass scattered all over the sheet ice on the lawn and I think I saw Elsa walking through our park. (Let it go!)

Thinking warm thoughts and very thankful we have (cheap!) electric power to stay warm and read tonight. Who am I kidding, I mean watch Netflix.

Stay warm everybody!