So This is the Future of Gaming and Entertainment?


I don’t understand the fascination of 3D entertainment. Anything that requires me to put on a pair of glasses or equipment to trick my brain into seeing a new way can’t be a good thing. Millions (billions and billions?) of years of evolution have produced a human eye that already sees things in 3 dimensions! Why are we trying to fake a 3D image protruding from a 2 dimensional screen!?!

Besides the obvious (to me) physical effects soon to be discovered by messing with our visual systems including headaches, nausea, balance issues among others, fake 3D is unnecessary. Did I mention that we already see in 3D?

I do enjoy watching well realized 3 dimensional images on (or “in”) the screen as in traditional movies and games and see no need or benefit to the current 3D fad.

But all of my whining about “kids these days” won’t matter or change anyone’s mind about the idiocy of the 3D gaming more than a simple picture. Take a gander at someone’s idea of the future of gaming. This picture says 10,000 words…