Best. Birthday Party. Ever.


According to our little girl, today was her best birthday party ever.   I may have helped a little with cleanup and a few odds and ends but it was my wife who planned it and made sure it all happened. Way to go and thanks M!

We spent the morning at the Eco Museum which is a very nice outdoor/indoor zoo in the West Island of Montreal. We had a room to ourselves for the party and most of the grounds to ourselves as well because we were there so early on a Sunday morning. The girls got to see the trainers feed the animals and later got to touch some reptiles in the birthday room.

We had pizza, chips and birthday cookies to eat and even some vegetables that I had to retrieve by car as we forgot those on our first trip out to the museum. Of course, the vegetables were really a hummus delivery mechanism, but they were enjoyed by all.

There was dancing, gift giving and laughter and I do believe my daughter was right in claiming it to be the best birthday ever (and so far).

99% of the credit goes to my wife who planned and executed the party perfectly. (clap, clap) 🙂