Go Sports!


Go SportsAnother weekend of playoff Football is over and as usual there were some controversial calls (that was a catch!) and some exciting plays. As I have gotten older, I find myself caring less and less about sports. The only sport I still care about or even watch is NFL football. As fun as it is, I can even see the ridiculous aspects of the game as well, especially getting worked up over some call or play.

It is fun to get together with friends and cheer on a team, but I think (hope?) I am better at keeping things in perspective. I also found this GIF floating around that shows how caring too much about sports can be devastating if things don’t go your way. At first, there is hope and promise, excitement – and then crushing and total disappointment.

Nice Try Kid

Win or lose, it’s fun to watch the Pats play and see them in their 9th AFC Championship in the past 14 years…crazy.