The Streak is Alive!


My New Years resolutions are still going strong! A new record for me and I shattered last years streak of 10 days…

I have posted something (anything) every day and I have not ate anything past 7 PM or read any of those “listicle” type posts on the Internets. Yay!

There were a couple of close calls with posts where I remembered just before midnight in bed and frantically typed out short posts in the nick of time. I wonder if WordPress has an achievement or badge for a full year of posting every day. Let’s see if I can “not break the chain” this year.

On the health front my shoulder feels better and has regained a little more range of motion. It is still stiff and not normal but I do feel it is getting better the more I exercise and stretch it out.

This maybe the longest New Years resolution streak ever! (For me)