D&D Starter Set


Tonight we finished the D&D starter set adventure “Lost Mine of Phandelver” and it was a smashing success on many levels. First and foremost, I had fun running this as an in store Adventurers League event. Secondly, this was my first time DMing in over three decades with new rules and new faces. I can’t say enough how great an adventure book this is and what a great job the D&D folks did with the starter set.

It was fun, simple and easy to run for inexperienced DMs and fun for new and old players. There was dungeon exploration, interactions with NPCs in town, wilderness treks, castles and a final dungeon littered with magical items and areas.

The starter set is fantastic for anyone who wants to get back into D&D as a DM. It is also decent for a new player, but a better option might be to buy some dice and download the free basic rules first as a player. The starter set does come with a very nice set of dice and a great adventure, but that is about it as the rest is a few pre gen character sheets and a watered down easy rule book to get you started. (The free basic rules are much more in depth and complete.)

If you really want to get back into D&D, or try it for the first time you might want to pick up the players handbook as well and it is a great book too.

I really enjoyed DMing a fun group of guys and we had many laughs.

Kudos to Wizards of the Coast for a great roll out of the new version of D&D. I had hoped it would be pretty good and it turned out fantastic and way beyond what I had hoped. The starter set is a great intro and the core rulebooks are tremendous.

If you were ever curious about D&D, now is the time to start or get back into the world’s best role (and roll) playing game.

Roll for initiative!