Assumptions Make an Ass out of U and Mptions. Wait, What?


I was supposed to meet some friends today for lunch and I arrived right on time and moved inside because of the intense cold. The person in front asked me how many and I said “four”, left my name and was shown to a booth. I waited ten minutes and started to wonder if I was at the right restaurant.

I thought it odd as they are always on time but figured parking might have been hard, buses late or something else was holding them up. I gave it a few more minutes then really started to wonder. Luckily I happened to glance outside from the upstairs window and thought I spotted one of the girls.

I walked outside without my jacket to check and there they were, shivering in the cold and apparently waiting for 15 minutes or so. I think they were surprised to see me and I’m sure wondering why I wasn’t freezing without a jacket. We all hightailed it back into the restaurant and enjoyed an “eggsellant” brunch.

These friends are all former coworkers and very nice people. We shared a few laughs, traded some stories and left after a too short meal. Next time we will have to set up guidelines for avoiding the cold. First, enter the restaurant and ask to see if any of us have arrived and look around. Second, eat! 😉

A side note about driving around downtown-I found a parking spot right beside the restaurant as I expected to even though it is winter and well, downtown. How about that-does “the secret” actually work or was I just lucky?

And finally, heated car seats on a day when the temperature drops to -28 (-6000 with the wind chill…), priceless.