Double Dose of Awesome


What makes a Monday even better? How about a Monday with a dental procedure? Double awesome!

Today I had two cavities filled, both the result of failing 35 year old cavities and the area around them.

It could have been worse as the current pain management is quite good. I didn’t feel the multiple needles, drills, tubes, sprayers and whatever else was working on my teeth.

While the physical aspect is not a problem, the mental aspect can cause unintended funny moments. As I sit there with two people staring at me inches away, I feel a slight anxiety and feel my back tighten and I flex a little. I have four hands with drills and instruments poking me and I strain to keep my mouth open wide enough. As time wears on my heart rate is slightly elevated and I find it hard to breathe.

Then I feel some pressure from the assistant as she pushes something to the bottom of my mouth. Since I am so numb, I don’t know if she is close to my throat. This causes me to tense up and I feel even more pressure. As the pressure increases, my heart starts to race and I grip the sides of the chair. Then the dentist grabs my chin and places her fingers on my neck right on my Adam’s apple and I go into full panic but I still can’t feel a thing.

The dentist has to stop as she drops the pick thingy or drill which falls on my eye. Good thing I am wearing safety goggles as it just bounces off the lens onto my chest. I hear the dentist say she is struggling because my tongue is too strong and they are pushing it away but I keep pushing back. I have no idea as the Novocain is so powerful I don’t know they are touching my tongue and I don’t know I am pushing back with my tongue.

Well, now that I know what is up, I channel my inner zen, relax and the cavities are filled in no time without any pushing or anxiety.

As always, going to the dentist is a very pleasant experience.