Get Out of My Lane!


Kids today, driving all over the road…

Today we were out driving and the snow banks are high so some people park on the street and it blocks the lane. This is not a big problem since there is low traffic and it is easy to pull out and go around the parked cars.

My rant today is about other drivers swinging into my lane when they know I am coming in my car and they need to swing out and pass a parked car. This happened not with just one car, but a line of three cars which forced me to stop. This is when I have the right of way, my lane isn’t blocked and I am the only car going in my direction. In other words, these drivers, especially the second and third, knew I was coming and would have to wait a few seconds for me to pass decided to force me to stop instead.

We live in a society, people! 😡

This happens almost every time I drive and don’t even get me started about rush hour. I’ve had cars come dangerously close to me and my kid as we walk across the street to go to the bus stop. (Serenity now!)

Calm down everybody, and drive sanely. Learn how to merge one by one, stop at stop signs, learn the right of way and leave a few minutes earlier.

Ok, end of rant.