How Global is the Internet?


The Interwebs with the MyFace and Tweetbooks is global, right? We all interact in an incredible mosaic of cultures where humanity combines into one behind screens and keyboards-right?

Take a look at this picture of world wide Internet use.


Besides that one guy in Greenland with a really strong signal, the overwhelming amount of people online live in the Eastern United States (and Central Canada) and Western Europe. Hardly a cultural smorgasbord of world culture.

When the prices come down more of the world will connect, but what will it all mean? Will we all come together or will it put up more barriers?

Will the third world countries like pictures of cats as much as we do? Probably.

I look forward to prices coming down over here too and we can only dream of European Internet speeds here in Canada, although I think the U.S. is even worse for download speeds.

And we could all learn something from that guy in Greenland…