Wax On, Wax Off?


Wow, what a difference wax makes on your cross country skis. I waxed today (green, it was cold) and my skis felt like I was on ice! I glided though the wilderness like a gazelle strapped to well waxed skis.

Sadly, wax seems to wear off as you shush along the debris strewn trails. My pace dragged as we rounded the 3rd kilometre or so and the sweat accumulated on my well layer torso.

My speed was also reduced in large part that the trail defied the laws of physics and despite being s big circle, somehow it was uphill the entire way.

That being said, it was a beautiful sunny day to go skiing with my wife. Thanks for a great day, I got some exercise and I had fun.

Next time I will re-wax when the pace starts to slow, and we should go the other way so it will be downhill the entire way.