D&D Encounters – So Close to a TPK


Tonight was another fun session of D&D encounters with our adventurers joining a caravan from Baldurs Gate to Waterdeep. Along the way the characters met up with some arrogant (and combative!) assassins.

The difficulty of the encounter was higher than normal, and I was rolling hot! I thought I might (finally!) have a party TPK, but I decided that while a lot of fun for me, it would not be fun for the players. I started to omit certain damage rolls, add a few misses and turned a blind eye to some of the characters actions.

At one point once the tide of battle had turned and I was pretty sure they would win, one of the players challenged me on a rule. My first DM instinct was to politely remind them of the rule and then focus all future attacks on that character, but I stopped myself. This is encounters after all, where everyone is supposed to have fun.

I said I would look the rule up for now and let the character have his way. He seemed happy and play continued. In addition to trying to say yes all the time as a DM, I am also trying to read the room and play accordingly, even if I have to let the rules slide a bit.

The funny thing is, the same characters blow a hissy fit if I try and do the things they do or play the way they do. I can only let the rules slide in the players favor or else there are some serious hurt feelings and anger. So I try and keep the game moving along with humour.

In any case, as long as they are all having fun, it’s all good. A lot of laughs tonight and someone even got a magic item!