Why Didn’t the Seahawks Run the Ball?


Last night the New England Patriots won the Super Bowl. Football is a 60 minute game played by 11 players a side in three phases, offence, defence and special teams. When two great teams meet like last night, it always come down to a few key plays like a lucky bounce, a few inches or one player just beating another player to the ball.

A lot of people are questioning whether the Seahawks should have run the ball from the 1 yard line with 20 seconds or so remaining in the game with one timeout left. Many are also assuming that the run would have been successful no matter what.

First of all, the Patriots have a very good run defence and were lined up to stop the run. This makes it easier to pass. Secondly, as good as Lynch is, he has not always punched it in from the one this year and it is not automatic. Thirdly, according to stats, runs from the one yard line this year had a 57.5% chance of success while passes from the one yard line had a 61% chance of a TD this year.

There was a better chance to score with a pass on that play.The coaches later said that they wanted to run the clock down a little to make sure the Pats had no time on the clock. There were 108 passes thrown this year from the one yard line with 0 being picked off for an interception – until the 109th last night. That was a high percentage pass play and not a risky call.

If you watch the replay slowly, you will see the Seahawks receiver is open and the throw will be a TD or at least move them to within inches of a TD with one timeout remaining.

You have to give credit to the rookie Malcolm Butler who correctly identified, anticipated and made an incredible athletic play to beat his matchup one on one and seal the victory.

It all came down to a game of inches and this time the Patriots came out on top. As much as I am enjoying this victory, I’m looking forward to and hoping for a rematch next year.

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