It’s DM Appreciation Month


I DM a weekly game of D&D and I enjoy it. For those of you who don’t know, a DM is a “Dungeon Master” which come to think of it is a really weird name. A lot of other games use “Game Master” or GM but there is a tradition going back the 70s with D&D and the DM name.DnD_DMG

The company that publishes D&D, Wizards of the Coast, has proclaimed February “DM appreciation month.” I hope all my players know this and lavish me with gifts but I will settle with them not arguing some obscure rule for at least one session.

There are a LOT of rules and things to keep track off as a DM and the number one rule is that as the DM you can “wing it” or adjust the rules to how you see fit. Ho ho. Try telling that to my power gaming, min/maxing, rules lawyer players. haha. They keep me on my toes but to be honest they are very nice about it and helpful and I try and act the same way. All the people I play with are super nice, fun and just want to have a great game.

If anything, DM appreciation month should be about me appreciating a great game, great players and a friendly local game store to host our sessions for us.

Thanks everybody! 🙂