Still Can’t Believe the Pats Won


Like many people. I am still surprised and happy that the Pats won another Super Bowl. I saw the replays over and over and there were so many great plays by both teams. It was a players game and it came down to which team had better depth on their rosters since they were so evenly matched up front with all their stars.

This is a great piece by Bill Simmons of Grantland that summarizes the final 12 minutes of the game. A must read for any Pats fan or just any fan of football in general.bill

He’s not like any other coach. Whenever you’re arguing about the greatest NFL coaches of all time, just remember the final minute of Super Bowl XLIX.

That was a game for the ages and featured the single greatest cathartic moment in football and maybe sports history. That interception changed history for two teams in an instant and made millions of people cry out in ecstasy or despair at the exact same time in a flash. A truly amazing sports moment.

We’re on to the combine!