Best Defence is a Great Defence


There is a saying in sports that the best defence is a great offence but that doesn’t apply to driving. We just had another snowstorm recently and the roads are slippery and not completely ploughed yet. It is hard to see the lanes and some access lanes are still half covered.

Most people slow down and let other cars in because of the conditions but every now and then you see someone oblivious to the conditions or maybe they are driving offensively.

Tonight I was driving along and I knew there was a partially blocked access lane that fed onto the lane beside me. I slowed down just in case and lo and behold some driver came flying in not only in his/her lane but immediately swing into my lane at full speed. We would have collided if I hadn’t played it safe by driving defensively.

Most of us do drive defensively and look out for our fellow travellers but I am always amazed and somewhat jealous of the offensive drivers. How nice it must be to not have to think or care, maybe adjust the radio or even text, secure in the knowledge that everyone else will move or get out of the way.

These people must have more accidents, right? Right?

Oh well, I will keep driving defensively as the best defence is still a great defence.