Friday the 13th, Lucky this Time


It’s Friday the 13th and today was lucky. It was -33 C outside (yikes!) and I am toasty warm inside. I had good food, a glass of wine and I am in good health overall, so very lucky indeed.

I have a beautiful wife and daughter so I am lucky that way too.

Today is also international “check your backups” day. You do have a complete backup of your computers and phones, right? Right!?!? Of course you do, and you even have a backup of your backups, right?

We should all check that those backups are still working just in case one day a hard drive breaks, a laptop is lost or a phone is stolen.

I’m lucky one of our backups is automatic and hourly, but I should update the off site backup more often. Luckily, they are still working.

I fell very lucky and thankful today on this sometimes unluckiest of days, Friday the 13th.