Exercise is Great if You Eat a Lot


Today we got some exercise even though it was a crazy -17 or something and who knows how cold with the wind chill. We went cross country skiing and halfway through we found a little hut selling soup and crepes! Niiiiiice.

We finished our ski and instead of going inside to warm up like normal people we decided to shush down a hill on a “magic carpet”. This is a slick piece of plastic that slides down too fast and spins uncontrollably causing crashes 50% of the time. It was a blast!

Just before frostbite started to set in, we came inside and decided we needed some St. Hubert Chicken and poutine, because Canada. It was delicious. We really should get out and exercise more as a family because we tend to eat out along the way.

Earlier this Fall we went on a long walk and ended up stopping for pizza.

ParticiPACTION everybody – there may be food involved! 🙂