NFL Combine Starts This Week


The Super bowl is two weeks old and the NFL is back in the news. Their annual college scouting tryout starts this week and believe it or not there is TV coverage, and many blogs and web sites devoted to ranking all these players for the draft.

For NFL fans, if they are willing to talk about the draft, the schedule is almost 365 days a year which is a lot for a league that only has 16 games per team a year plus 4 playoff weekends.

The highlight every year of the Combine is of course the Rich Eisen 40 yard dash. Rich is a commentator on the NFL Network and he has been running the 40 at the combine since 2005. Just like the players, he runs it in his uniform. His uniform is a suit and tie with cleats on his feet. He runs an impressive sub 7 second time and his goal is to run a sub 6 second 40. Last year, I think he ran a 6.03 so this could be the year!

If you can’t make it to Indy to watch 300 college players run a 40 yard dash, do a 3 cone drill and various football exercises, check out for all the video of the sheer excitement and drama. 🙂