More Role Playing Than Roll Playing Tonight


Tonight’s D&D Encounters session was heavy on role playing with very little combat or “roll playing”. We are on episode 6 of “Hoard of the Dragon Queen”. As a DM, I thought it was a lot more fun than usual. I think the players were into it, but that may be because some of our usual “hack and slashers” couldn’t make it tonight. We had a bit of a snow storm so that may be why they didn’t show.

My accents were horrible as usual but kind of fun as they switched from a German to a Swedish and then maybe a New Yorker. That was the same character, not three different characters. I seem to have trouble with a consistent accent. I call it my vague Foreign accent.

I hope the expanded role play continues as we ease back into more combats. I am always hoping the players will try and be awesome by role playing instead of focusing on their die rolls and the math of it all.

And I hope I can find a consistent accent! 🙂