Our Chinese New Year Celebration


Tonight we went out for a Chinese New Years dinner. Thanks to a friends recommendation we ending up at a small place in a strip mall called Wox Cafe. It was great.

We walked in and it had a sparse decor but it seemed busy and it was not filled with housewives in yoga pants or business executives in suits. It was mostly normal folk and the wait staff was Chinese. My wife probably thinks this is racist but a long time ago a friend of the family in Vancouver told me this was a good way to gauge the quality of the food at a Chinese place. My wife did mention it felt a little bit like Hong Kong so I guess she had the same good vibe I did about the potential for the food.

We had dim sum and the food was delicious plus I love the way it is served in the steam containers and rice wrapped in leaves. I also enjoyed the fortune in my cookie which made my wife chuckle.

Happy Chinese New Years everyone!