Look Up the Hill When Sledding


We went sledding today. We didn’t have the car so we walked about two kilometres to the hill. Unfortunately my daughter got a blister so I pulled her most of the way in the sled. It was a nice day but pulling a sled through the slush and snow does get tiring.

We arrived at the hill and met up with friends and the girls had a great time. The hill was very busy with lots of parents and kids, none of whom seemed to understand the concept of walking up the side of the hill or at least looking up the hill after they finished sledding. I witnessed many close calls and one spectacular hit. No one was injured but I am always amazed at the lack of courtesy and personal protection. A few parents asked people to watch out for the sledders but they said this as they were walking up the hill in the way of the kids!

In any case, no one was hurt and it seemed like everyone had fun. I sure got my exercise as I was weak with hunger when we got back to the house.

Even though this has been a crazy cold winter, I’m glad we have gotten out and enjoyed the winter a few times.That doesn’t mean I can’t wait for the summer, but we have managed to have some fun in the cold.