Drive Like a Jerk, It’s Faster!


Today I battled through rush hour traffic and I drove in the middle lane until the last possible moment, then merged into the left lane on ramp. There was a long slow moving line on the left so I moved into the middle lane which was flowing well and zipped up to the front. What a jerk, right?

Well, it turns out that if everyone did what I did, the overall effect would be faster for all. Well, slower for me, but the overall effect would be higher average speed for all. It’s science! I read this awhile ago and I would like to say I knew this subconsciously, (I’d like to…) but it makes sense.

The only caveat is that it requires everyone to merge properly, one by one. In the meantime, while everyone lines up in one lane, shoot out to the front and then merge in at the last minute. Sure, there may be honks but do so knowing that you are fighting for the common good! 😉

(Make sure to give the thankful wave when merging…)