Do You Read More Than One Book at a Time?


Have you ever started a few books at the same time? If you have, you might consider a Jefferson style book stand. This is a stand that lets you keep five books open at once and you can spin the stand around to read each book when needed.

We saw one of these when we visited Montecello down South and I thought it looked really cool and useful. They sell them at the gift store but I thought it was a bit pricy at 300+ dollars. It is a very nice book stand.monticellostore_2268_129351895

I looked online and there a few other models, including one that is super nice for over 8000 dollars. Yikes! That one has perfect corners, all fancy schmancy wood and a chess board on top. Further searching online found a DIY video to make your own! Maybe this will be my next woodworking project. And by next, I mean first.

Hey, isn’t my handy Father-in-law visiting soon? 🙂