Festival of Light


Every year Montreal has a great festival of light in the downtown core. Today we managed to catch the very last day/night of this years event. Tonight is also the annual Nuit Blanche where the bars are open all night and there are many events all over the city. The light festival is open until 3 AM, many coffee shops as well, the Fine Arts museum has a big shindig and the entire downtown night life is super charged tonight.

The light festival has interactive displays, gourmet food, live music, and lots of people. Other highlights include a Ferris wheel, zip lines, and a mini bob sled run on a downtown street. It really is impressive and a must see.

My wife suggested the outing and I am very glad she did as we had a lot of fun. We had a dessert snack at the Queen Elizabeth hotel and wowzers do they ever have a lot of great desserts! Go check that out if you get a chance, I recommend the buffet option. (Loosen your belt-burp…)