Mountain Weather


One of the interesting things that happened on our ski trip was the crazy mountain weather one day. After a brutally cold winter, we finally got a day that was only -11 degrees (!) so it seemed “warm”. Canadian warm, I guess.

We started off with cloudy but clear, and then after a few peeks of the sun, we saw swirling snow and buffeting winds flying up the trails like angry Banshees. The wind and snow died down after awhile, then back to cloudy. We got brilliant sunshine, then another burst of snow (blizzard), cloudy, and finished with sun once again.

The weather can change so fast and suddenly on a mountain. Make sure if you are skiing and hiking to prepare for the elements, even in summer. You may think it is warm and then bam! Old mountain weather kicks in and you will be wet and cold in minutes.

But since we were prepared, we had a great time skiing. I just don’t remember such a crazy weather day in the mountains, ever.