Divergent Books


Last year I read the book “Divergent” and I also saw the movie. I still can’t decide if I liked them or not. On the one hand, the book was a page turner and the movie had its moments, and on the other hand they both seemed kind of “meh” to me.


I recently borrowed the next book in the series called “Insurgent” and it is also a page turner but at the same time has me thinking “meh”. They do have a little bit of the “Hunger Games” feel to them so I guess that is the main attraction.

It won’t be hard to finish the book so it must be good in that easy breezy beach reading kind of way. Maybe that means it is a good book? It is hard to write a book, so if you can read one that millions of people like (or love) and read, isn’t that a good book? Even if it is young adult lit or an easy read? I dunno, but give the a chance if you want to read a fun and quick book.