Creativity in Game Design


My little girl made up a card game with her friend and we have been enjoying it quite a bit. It may actually be a game I didn’t know before, but it was new to them and me. They play tested many variations but settled on one that works well for three players.

You need two packs of cards and optionally one of the packs is very different from the other one. It could be different backs, pip styles or the faces. At the very least, the two packs should have different backs to separate them later.


Start by dealing one pack into three equal piles of 18 which includes both jokers and place one pack in front of each player. Then take the second pack and deal out three piles of 6 cards in front of each player. Turn over the first card in all three piles for each player. This completes the set up.

To play, each player turns over one card from the separate larger pile and places it so that there is a new row of three cards turned up. The object of the game is to get rid of all your cards and you discard by matching any of your face up cards from the three piles with the cards turned up in the middle of the table. Other rules include not being able to place any of your own cards onto any card you have placed and jokers are wild cards. If you have a joker in your three piles, just place it on top of any card in the middle as long as you didn’t place the previous card. If joker was dealt from the large piles, that player can declare it as any card they choose.

Play continues until all the cards are dealt from the large pile with the first person to discard all their cards the winner. In order to determine who came second and third (everyones a winner!), all players continue turning over cards from the big pile.

If all the big cards are dealt and two (or three) players still have cards, the players pile are now fair game to discard on, first card on wins. If players still have cards, the points are added up with an ace counting as a 1 and face cards counting as 10 points each.

We had a lot of fun playing multiple rounds of this game with three players and I think we have a family hit! I like the game and I am proud of my little girl and her creativity in game design.