Whoa, We’re Halfway There


A long time ago I noodled on the guitar and I learned a bunch of chords. Only recently (thanks to YouTube) have I learned that a lot of songs I wanted to play were those very same chords. If only I knew! I was so close, but stopped playing for a few decades. I still carried around my guitar from apartment to apartment as some sort of decoration.

I am so glad I found all the great teachers on youtube and that I kept my guitar. Also, big thanks to my wife who encouraged me and surprised me with an electric guitar last Christmas. Thanks eM!

I am still a bedroom guitarist and unlikely to host a show, but it is a lot of fun to actually hear some songs I like coming from my own guitar.

Whoooooaaaaaa, we’re haalllffffwaaaaaaaaay theeeeeere…..whoooaaaaaa Livvviiinnnnn on a prayer! šŸ™‚