Four Horsemen of the Techocalypse


I stumbled across this fascinating talk about technology, ecommerce and future trends. If you have any interest in marketing and the future of retail you should give it a listen.

This 15 minute talk could easily have been an hour or more but he talks really fast. I love his presentation as all the boring parts have been removed and he gets to the point with lightning speed. Also, he has a firm viewpoint and does not waffle. I love it.

I am going to try this style of presenting next time I get a chance.

Also, you should buy Apple stock.

Update: March 19th – Apple Inc. starts trading today as a member of the index, replacing AT&T Inc., and while the high-tech leviathan currently sports a market-cap ($748.3 billion) twice the size of any other company in any other industry, it will have a slightly more modest spot in the price-weighted Dow,” Vigna reports. “After accounting for Visa Inc.’s 4-1 stock split, Apple’s stock, which closed Wednesday at $128.47, will give it the fifth-highest weighting in the index, behind Goldman Sachs Group Inc., 3M Co., IBM Corp., and Boeing Co.