Hello, Is There Anybody Out There?


Hello, is this thing on? Hello?


So tonight I read to my wife part of “To Kill  a Mockingbird” and I forgot how great a book it is. Interesting use of language that flows but also requires thought and concentration. Poetic and deep. It reminded me how much fluff there is in current best sellers.

Also, it was kind of fun and felt very old school like the days before TV.

Something else I noticed was without practice, it is hard to read out loud. I kept wanting to go faster but I kept tripping over my words or missing a few. I had to purposely slow down to make sure I got every word and pronounced them all properly without ums, ahs, or having to correct a missed or mispronounced word.

Huh, who knew reading could be fun in today’s multi screen golden age of TV.

And, now we are watching Netflix.