When Eggs Explode


Tonight I thought I would get a jumpstart on tomorrow and making lunch for my little girl. I put some eggs in a pot on high, left the room and forgot to set a timer. Uh oh.

I got sucked into the vortex of answering emails, checking out movie trailers and the Interwebs and did not hear the timer I forgot to set.

What I did hear was a loud bang and crash and I thought it was our new kitten knocking something over again.

I walked towards the kitchen and the burnt egg smell was my first clue that I had made a huge mistake. I ran into the kitchen, turned off the stove and doused the pot and eggs with cold water.

Then I assessed the damage.

Surprisingly, and luckily, there did not seem to be much damage. The bottom of the pot was scorched and may be tough to clean, but the top was ok and so was the stove. Once I cleaned off the stove of the various egg bits and rinsed the pot all seemed normal.

Except the smell.

I used a Spring fresh forest scent spray so now it smelled like I burnt eggs in a potpourri enhanced forest. I tried to air out the place with a fan and opening a window but it sort of lingers like a bad fart. Hopefully the smell will disappear before my wife gets home. Les whoops.

I was impressed with the kinetic energy that builds up in an egg. It was a small metal pot with a kind of heavy lid and that lid popped right off and moved a good foot or so. (Not sure how high) The egg splatter was a good couple of feet.

My second attempt to boil an egg was much better as I stood by the pot and watched it boil non stop. Despite the old saying, the pot did boil and lunch for tomorrow was saved. Huzzah!


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