It’s a Marvelous Universe


i got my eyes checked today and as I paid, the person in front of me said “cool wallet.” It is a cool wallet and it was a gift to me from my wife a couple of Christmases ago. It is one of those paper wallets with a Superman logo on the front.

Ok, so not that mature but it is environmentally friendly! And it is thin and very light which I like.

But that is not the interesting part of the story (phew! And no kidding!). I am proud and happy to say I did not flinch outwardly or even say anything when this person said “I noticed because I am a BIG fan of Marvel”. OMG!

Marvel has done a great job with their movies and actually makes enjoyable comic book movies so I get why someone would be a big fan.

But Superman is the flagship hero for DC! The other super hero comic book publishing behemoth. 

Sure, it is an easy mistake for any of the so called lesser super heroes, but Superman? Superman!?!??!! Batman may have more cachet as the main DC character nowadays because of those movies, but Superman is the original.

Still can’t believe I didn’t laugh, flinch or correct the person who said that. Maybe I am maturing in some small way after all, despite the comic book wallet.