Running On Empty


I heard a blast from the past today called “Running On Empty” by Jackson Brown and it took me back many years as memorable songs do.

I had a brief senior moment as I thought about how “kids today” have it so much better as they can have many 1000s of songs on their phones. They can also listen wirelessly on nice big speakers too. Back in my day, we had to listen to 4 or 5 songs from the same album, then get up, walk over, flip the record and drop the needle to hear the next 5 songs. Don’t scratch the record!

Or later we would make mix tapes and listen to the exact same playlist over and over. Those were the days. 

It’s funny though, I have the same modern new options but I don’t listen to music as much as I used to. I guess music is enjoyed by most at a young age where your tastes probably form as well. I still drift back to the songs I listened to as a teenager.

It must an amazing time musically as a teenager since you have all the music ever made at your fingertips in audio and video format whenever you want.

Of course, it is an amazing time for all of us musically. I enjoy seeing all the live music of my favourites as well on YouTube. Let the music play!