Minty Fresh


We toured the Royal Canadian Mint in Ottawa today and it was very interesting. I found out that this Mint no longer makes the coins we use for money. They used to make the coins (but not the bills) until 1975 but now they make investment coins, collectibles and also the Olympic medals used in 2010 for the Vancouver Olympics. 

The coins used for our money in circulation are made in Winnipeg. As the needs of the country grew, the mint in Ottawa could not expand as they are a historical building so a new faculty was built in Winnipeg to be central and reduce shipping costs.

I also found out that the Canadian mint is skilled and has a high output capacity and they make various coins for 70 other countries around the world. Some of these countries include Australia, Italy and the Phillipines.

You also get to see the mold for one of the biggest gold coins ever made which sold for 2.6 million dollars to a wealthy person in Dubai. This coin is now worth over 7 million and now makes a lovely coffee table for someone. Now that’s a way to wake up in the morning and enjoy a cup of coffee!

I felt a bit of a rush seeing a roll of gold coiled up on a pallet and hearing it weighs 1000 pounds and was worth over 20 million dollars! These are the rolls that are ground up and cut into coins. And there were 3 of those coils just sitting there side by side! Ooo la la!

The tour was informative and interesting, check it out if you are Ottawa.