McCafe and Sweet Egg Sausage McMuffins


We enjoyed a nice breakfast today at McDonalds. (Bah da ba da bah!) I had one of their sausage egg McMuffins and that has got to be the best item on the entire menu, any time of the day. I look forward to when they start offering breakfast 24 hours a day. Mmmmm…

I also enjoy their coffee and as far as I am concerned, their coffee is better than Starbucks, Second Cup, Tim Hortons or anywhere else. The best overall is still my homemade cappuccinos, but McCafe is a close second.

They also come in an amazing cup that opens properly and is insulated to it doesn’t feel too hot. Awesome.

Our little girl also had a good time running up and down the jungle gym type play structure while we finished our coffee.

I used to make sausage egg McMuffins at home but all the local supermarkets stopped carrying the round patty Italian breakfast sausages so I can’t make my own McMuffins anymore. I suspect a McDonalds conspiracy to force us all to go to their restaurants for our morning fixes. Curses!

Finally, a nice touch is free refills on your coffee. (So order the small).