Rise of Tiamat


We started a new campaign tonight and we are continuing the Tyranny of Dragons storyline with the Rise of Tiamat.

This time we have a bit more of a mix instead of all fighters. We have a rogue, two warlocks and four fighters. Seven players! It can be hard to keep everyone’s attention with seven players and I noticed a few times where people were checking their phones. Overall, we had some laughs.

The best parts were probably the beginning when I improvised and made stuff up. Those had the biggest laughs. The adventure sections kind of worked but lacked a certain something. Not a bad start, but not quite the oomph I had hoped for on this first night.

Once we get rolling the players should find it more of a challenge and I will try to improvise more as well.

Next week there is a very good chance of them battling a very large white dragon…no mercy! 😉