Special Clothes and Complicated Laundry


There are certain kinds of fancy clothes that require special care for laundering or even worse require washing by hand. Why does anybody get these clothes? Argh. And why do I lack the part of the brain that notices these things?

Today I washed a sweater with a special star pendant and it came off in the wash. We can probably repair it and now I know to wash it by hand because of the tear stained memories. I learn from my mistakes. Ok, maybe not the first couple of times but eventually I do.

Laundry Day

Laundry Day

If I have learned anything from doing laundry, it is buy simple clothes that can be thrown in the wash and dryer. And absolutely nothing in red. Ever.

Get simple colours, darks and whites. 

Avoid all temptation to get the latest fashionable clothes especially if they have do dads, weird fabrics or any hand washing requirements. And get a separate basket for the special laundry!

Keep it simple, people!