So the Leafs Failed to Make the Playoffs Again


Another NHL season is over and the second season is about to begin. Once again, the annual rite of spring of the Leafs hitting the golf course heralds the beginning of Spring.

My buddy Jon must be thrilled/shocked/excited that his miracle Ottawa Senators made the playoffs. I never had a doubt. Go Sens Go.

Go Sports

The NHL playoffs are intense and exciting, but man does it ever go on forever. It starts in a few days and will end sometime in early June, with a game every night for the next month. Then it will only be a game every other night. Yeeesh.

I think I’ll think about watching a game or two in 4 or five weeks from now.

My wife gets home tomorrow and we can both not care about hockey together! Oh that reminds me, I should probably tidy up a bit…