Scootering with Flair


Today my daughter and I took out our scooters and raced up and down our street. My little girl thoughtfully gave me some flair for my scooter which are sparkly pink and purple streamers for both handlebars and they are very chic.

When we started she said we didn’t need helmets because it’s only a scooter and I realized that they really do pick up everything you say. I decided we should both wear helmets and dusted off my helmet. 

When I was a kid, we rode our bikes uphill both ways with no helmet-and we liked it! But times change, and hey that plastic helmet could save your life. So, with helmets on, we found the smooth spot on our street and rode in circles, figure eights and raced each other. 

And we laughed.

I did not look cool but I felt cool and had a lot of fun.