Playing on the Other Side of the Screen


Today I played a game of DnD instead if DMing and as always it was illuminating and helpful to see the game from the players’ eyes. Unfortunately our DM today was not as prepared as others and for some reason did not let us do what we wanted to do. He tried too hard to follow his script and seemed to take great glee in our unavoidable demise.

In the end we just had to flee without finishing and it felt rushed and incomplete. It was frustrating to not have the usual game conventional aspects in play and weird in that the DM seemed to be so adversarial. Not fun.

It’s too bad because normally the game is a shared story experience and a lot of fun. 

Today did remind me and reinforce the idea that fun is the most important thing for the players. I have to prepare a little more and keep doing my usual “go with the flow” as long as it’s fun. I can improve a little by making sure to fill in the gaps of story and keep the shared story moving along.

It is good to play occasionally as the DM to gain some perspective.