Almost broke my Wrist, Saved the iPad 


I was carrying the laundry today as I am wont to do with an iPad balanced on top of the pile. I turned around and thought I was picking up the iPad when I missed and I saw the iPad tumble towards the very hard concrete basement floor.

I didn’t really see so much as sense the iPad slipping when everything went into slow motion and I heard my myself saying “Nnnnnnooooooooooooo…”. I managed to deflect but not catch the iPad. The tendons in my wrist took the brunt of the impact from the falling iPad and the iPad landed face down but safely on the concrete. 

My initial reactions were to both scream and check for damage to the iPad and once I knew the iPad was ok I checked the damage to my wrist. The throbbing was intense and for a brief moment I wondered if it was broken. I could move it so I figured it would just be a bruise. It hurts now hours later but it was all worth it as I am typing this on my still functional iPad. 

Tendons heal, broken screens do not heal.