Butterflies Fly Free Exhibit


We enjoyed the butterflies fly free exhibit once again this year at the Botanical gardens. Before we ventured into the lair of the butterflies, we gazed at plants from around the world in the other rooms. My favorite is the orchid room that is filled with amazing flowers. A close second would be the Chinese miniature trees but I do enjoy the calming atmosphere of the cactus area.

When we entered the butterfly exhibit, I noticed that unlike some other years at the end of its run, there were a lot of butterflies. Also, most of the butterflies looked very healthy. We have been once or twice where the butterflies looked a little ratty by the last few days. This year, they looked great and there were so many!

I had a bunch land on my shoulder and there were always three or four buzzing around my head or close by. We could see hundreds (thousands?) fluttering about and my daughter really seemed to enjoy the show. 

Hopefully she will start remembering soon all these exhibits and shows. I guess we can show her pictures when she is older if she does not remember.