Frozen Ballet Show


Today was the bi annual ballet show for my little girl and the theme of the show was “Frozen”. As the organizer said in her opening remarks, the theme was Frozen because she didn’t have a choice. I have heard all the songs hundreds, if not thousands of times and I am glad they are great songs.

The dancers were quite good and the highlight for me was seeing my little girl smile and do her routine on stage. The second best highlight was the very young dancers who must have been five years old. They were very cute but there was one dance where a little ballerina forgot her parts and stood at the front with her arms raised high. All the other dancers whirled about and retreated to the back of the stage but the one girl proudly stood at the front. When she finally noticed, she skipped to the back and joined her friends.

The costumes were great and each dancer had two costumes so the backstage organizers must have been super busy. Another year of ballet is over and I am glad my girl goes as she really seems to enjoy dancing and it fun to watch her dance.