Getting Back on the Rails with Ruby


i looked into Ruby on Rails again and man is it ever complicated if the initial installs don’t go well. The basics are easy but when a major bug with the OS conflicts with a database driver (hello Yosemite and PostgreSQL!), things escalate quickly.

I am relearning a lot but I can’t say I enjoy the bugs in software, or glitches, or whatever you want to call it when strange things happen. I’ll get it eventually but I must remember not to upgrade this Fall when the new OS comes out until I hear it doesn’t create new problems.

The Ruby parts I remember and the Rails are as friendly and wonderful as I remember. Something that did not exist when I used to program is Stack Overflow which is a great site for answers from skilled programmers. Googling random sites does have its place, but finding a community of quality answers is really great.

If you get stuck with a really strange problem, or just need a refresher, check out Stack Overflow for your answers.